Google introduces new machine-learning products for Indian languages

Google Maps translates local reviews into the default language set on your device.                  Future Publishing

Google Maps translates local reviews into the default language set on your device. Future Publishing

Google India has announced the launch of new line of products with advanced machine learning for Indian languages.

Coming first to the neural machine translation support, Google has announced that Google Translate will now use this improved technique to translate to and from Indian languages including Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, and Kannada. "There are 400 million internet users in India and the number is expected to reach 600 million by 2020".

With this launch, Google said one can expect more accurate and easier to understand translations, especially when translating full sentences. Well, India today has 234 million Indian Language users who're online, compared to 175 Million english web users. This will enable Indian language speakers to consume all of the web's content in nine Indian languages with higher quality translations of everything from song lyrics to news articles to cricket discussions.

The new translation capability will be available for Google Search and Maps - both on mobile and desktop.

There are many apps and services aimed at providing travel information, and Google Maps has upped its own game lately to include more options and, just recently, the company added the ability to automatically translate reviews so that language becomes less of a barrier.

According to Google, neural networks initially took 10 seconds to translate but the company worked on it and brought down the time to 0.2 seconds in two months. With today's launches (GNMT and Gboard for 22 Indian tongues), Google is making sure it isn't left behind in the linguistic domain, an area where a lot of local competitors have come up and have offered decent solutions to cater to this very big non English speaking populace.

The new Gboard comes with a feature that makes it easy to resize and reposition the keyboard according to a user's need. "So when you'd like to know more about a word, say "Nirdeshak", you can just type in "Nirdeshak ka matlab" in Search, and you'll instantly get to see word meanings and dictionary definitions on the search results page, including English translations", it said.

The keyboard now has a new feature by which text editing can be done on the go easily.

Goggle also unveiled Hindi dictionary in Google Search in collaboration with Oxford University Press.

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