Russian bombers spotted off Alaskan coast twice in 24 hours

Russian bombers spotted off Alaska coast for 2nd time this week

Air Force intercepts Russian bears in the air

Ross says the intercept was "safe and professional". Jennifer Stadnyk said, as quoted by the CTV broadcaster.

Last Monday was the first time in over two years that Russian military aircraft have flown this close to the us mainland.

According to information provided by NORAD, U.S. aircraft have intercepted Russian planes about 60 times since 2007.

Russian Federation has also flown its jets off the coast of US allies like Japan, CNN noted.

On Tuesday, the two Russian TU-95 Bear bombers once again flew into the Alaskan Air Defense and Identification Zone, according to two U.S. defense officials.

The Air Force also decided against scrambling fighter jets on Wednesday, when the Russians sent a pair of Ilyushin IL-38s spy planes near the Aleutian Islands.

Air Force fighter jets from Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson in Anchorage intercepted two Russian long-range bombers about 100-150 miles from Kodiak Island on April 17. One defense official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to CNN, dismissed the military threat posed by the aircraft, but criticized the act as "strategic messaging". Earlier in the week, USA fighter jets were scrambled when Russian planes came 40 nautical miles from the coast of an Alaskan island.

The Russian aircraft was in global air space at the time, abiding by worldwide law, she said.

The Air Force describes the AWACS aircraft as a modified Boeing 707/320 commercial plane that has a rotating radar dome attached to the top.

"This was a show of force by the Russians to show us that they are still here", he added, calling it "an attempt to come up as close as they could to our global borders to see what our reaction would be".

There are reports of Russian bomber patrols along the West coast each of the past four nights, but this is not exactly the case.

Retired Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden said that should the situation escalate further, the United States would likely have the upper hand.

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