Katy Perry Outrages Fans with 'culturally insensitive' Instagram post

Katy Perry faces wrath as she posts picture of Goddess Kali

Katy Perry's "Current Mood" On Instagram Has Made Many People In India Really Unhappy!

"Don't use such type of Indian God's and Goddess" pics to represent our mood.Do you know what this pic means and what's the story behind it?'

The Firework singer was labelled "shameful" after uploading a picture of Kali, the goddess of death who is often associated with sexuality and violence.

Others were less understanding, with much of the outrage focusing on her caption and her taking the image, which is commonly used on calendars in India, out of context.

Pop sensation Katy Perry has been slammed on social media for posting a picture of Goddess Kali on her Instagram page.

A third one said: "How ridiculous this?" I m Hindu, Bengali specifically. It was just a light-hearted joke with no intentions whatsoever to offend you. "Well you are free to do whatever you like but as we all love and respect you I request you ma'am to please understand your Indians fans sentiments are getting disrespected and take this picture down".

"Maa Kali is a symbol of power and unapologetic attitude". Although some hit out at the musician, others tried to explain the image's significance in Hindu religious iconography in the hope she would remove the image and apologise.

Most recently, the Santa Barbara-born star has opened up about her struggle with religion following her devout Christian upbringing that saw her attend Church three times a week with her family.

Katy Perry has invited the wrath of Indians.

Although, to be fair, the 32-year-old DID marry Russell Brand in a lavish Hindu ceremony in India back in 2010 - so it's not like she doesn't know anything about Hinduism.

"I'm not Buddhist, I'm not Hindu, I'm not Christian, but I still feel like I have a deep connection with God", said Perry.

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