Easter: Nigerians should imbibe Christ's sacrificial spirit - Jonathan

Queen joined by William and Kate at Easter service

Kate Middleton opts for elegant cream ensemble for Easter celebrations with British royal family

The Christian holiday not only celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but also marks the unofficial start of spring. One Easter service was at Calvary Assembly of God in Carthage, celebrating with worship and a message from the church's pastor. The Paschal candle is the first candle to be lit with a flame from this sacred fire, representing the light of Christ coming into the world. He also said our lives have meaning, objective and beauty when they are united to His life.

In a special Easter Message to Nigerians, Senator Tinubu said Jesus Christ died for mankind. He concluded with "Happy Easter" greetings to all.

Devout Christians celebrate Easter after observing a 40-day period of Lent, a season of abstinence, that includes a host of significant days including Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

Rev. Fr. Carolus and Thomas PJ, the parish priests of the two respective parishes accorded the warm words of welcome to bishop in their respective parishes.

"My reflections also take my mind back to His resurrection by God on Easter".

Close behind, Islam, one of two other great Abrahamic religions, claims 1.6 billion adherents, or almost one in four people on the planet.

Like many Christians, Sapna Anu B. George began her Easter celebrations the previous day by going out, shopping, and preparing a special meal, including appam, Kerala's unique bread item, and duck.

"We're trying to plant hope in people's hearts and minds, no matter what they're facing, because Christ got up, you too can get up", he said.

Significance of observing the Holy Week, symbolising the divine life of Jesus according to the Bible was preached and also conducted Lord's Supper.

He said Jesus Christ, who was magnanimously selfless even to sacrifice his own life for the sake of fellow human beings, thus gave an example for humankind to understand that the divine love is eternal.

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