Mark Hamill: Carrie Fisher Star Wars tribute is 'therapy'

The Last Jedi

Rian Johnson debuts teaser trailer for 'The Last Jedi'

"This possibility that any of us could step up and become a hero, that's where Rose comes from", director Rian Johnson said.

"It by no means represents an end to anything we're doing in animation, but I want for now is for you guys to focus on the lovely work that these guys have done", he added referencing the cast, and promising that Season 4 would be "a little bit different, a little darker". She's was high maintenance. "I was her own personal paper doll..." I'm psyched to meet you guys. "I was under her spell". It tells the story of an elite Stormtrooper and looks at what she does after her leader is defeated. "If that wasn't ridiculous enough, she had me put on one of those bald cap masks with the Bozo hair and glasses and nose and then she walked me around the back lot". She's the primary "hero" but the campaign will also allow you to play as Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren and other stars of the series.

Fisher's Return of the Jedi co-star Warwick Davis also spoke lovingly of the actress briefly onstage.

His voice cracked as he read a letter he had written shortly after Fisher died in December.

He shared: "I'm grateful that we stayed friends and got to have this second act with the new movies. She deserved to be here".

Just the overall tone of the teaser suggests a more somber and contemplative mood to this sequel to the "Star Wars" franchise, in the same vein that the "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" story covered the darker times of the original trilogy.

"She was at the point in her career where she could reap the benefits of being an elderly character actor". "Poe's my boy. There's always a new adventure for them to go on". The object of Jedi adoration was Kelly Marie Tran, the most recently unveiled cast member of The Last Jedi.

"I promise you, if you go first, I'll heckle your funeral", Hamill remember Fisher promising him after balking at the idea of posthumous praise.

He even imagined how Fisher would be viewing his tribute to her.

"I love her so much, man, I just adore her, and I connected with her first and foremost as a writer". And while Hamill certainly wanted to honor the actress' legacy above all else, he admitted that he had been dreading the experience leading up to the panel, saying he'd come down with what he called "psychosomatic laryngitis" while dealing with the reality of having to get up on stage and admit she's gone. "She was so laser focused on you, and so engaging, that it was exhilarating to be around her".

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